The relevance of Spanish in the online world


EñeThe 15th edition of the Ethnologue (2009), a renowned reference on world languages, classifies Spanish as the second most spoken language in the world by number of native speakers (Mandarin is first, English third). The Internet World Stats estimated 150 million Internet users in Spanish, it being the third language used in the Web after English and Mandarin. Spanish is also the second most widely spoken language in the United States.

Hispanic people do not necessary speak or read as much English as other ethnicities do (Indian for instance). However, if we assumed that even 0.01% of them have an interest in your product or content, you are missing out on a potential market of 15000 people! In addition, the internet usage in Spanish has also grown 743.2% since 2000 in comparison with 444.8% for all languages combined.

Although many Spanish speakers do have basic and even advanced English skills, they might not normally search or look in English based sites for information, products, jobs, etc. They often also publish their content in Spanish, but not in English. As a result, all this information becomes invisible to you,  and vice versa, they don’t see you.

At CodeSpanish we can help you cross this barrier. We specialize in Spanish Localization and Web Development.

Because we speak Spanish, we code Spanish…

Pablo Matamoros
Founder of CodeSpanish Ltd.