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CodeSpanish monthly lists

by Pablo Matamoros - 9 June 2009
Web 2.0
Image by Ludwig Gatzke

I always find lists useful. They allow me to have access to resources that others found useful, therefore saving hours of research. So I thought, why not start my own series of lists?

I won’t be able to write as many lists as I would like, as fast as I would like to write them.  I will do it monthly to make sure that they are seriously useful to you.

I will add links to all the lists that I’ll publish on this post for future reference.

CodeSpanish monthly lists:




Create Favicons and iPhone Icons

by webmonkey - 28 May 2009
Webmonkey Favicon
Webmonkey’s bitmapped favicon

Favicons, the little icons you see in the browser toolbar, are an often overlooked element of web design, but they’re yet another opportunity to help develop your site’s brand. To a certain degree the favicon flies below most visitors’ radar, and yet we tend to recognize them when we see them.

Like other subtle forms of advertising, favicons have a way of creeping into your consciousness without your consent. Which is exactly why your site needs one — how often do you get brand recognition in a 16 pixel square?

And as long as we’re building favicons, why not trick out your site with a iPhone/iPod Touch icon? The process is almost identical to favicons, and reaps the same rewards. True, most people probably won’t use it, but the few who do will appreciate the effort.

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