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Speaking your Audience’s Language – Localisation in the World Wide Web. Awareness Survey

by Pablo Matamoros - 21 January 2009
Illustration by Markus Koljonen

Most people, including technology professionals, don’t know the meaning of the terms internationalisation and localisation. How many people know what a localisation specialist does? How many organisations localise their products?

According to LISA (the Localization Industry Standards Association), “localization is the process of modifying products or services to account for differences in distinct markets” while “internationalization is the process of enabling a product at technical level for localization”. In other words, internationalisation involves the creation of a design that makes it easy to adapt a product for different regions or ethnicities (called locales), while localization is the adaptation itself. Internationalisation is done once per product, localisation is done for each locale of the product.

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Why you shouldn’t code in Spanish

by Pablo Matamoros - 26 March 2008

TranslationYou might think I’ve gone crazy. Posting about not coding in Spanish in!

I actually promote the translation of your software to Spanish and other languages. When I say that you shouldn’t code in Spanish I mean don’t use Spanish or any other language than English in your variable names, file names, function names, etc. Programming languages, scripting languages, OS commands, etc., are all based on the English language. So, why would you do any different with your code?

Take for example this PHP code from the post “Building a forum in PHP and Mysql”.

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Free English to Spanish translation!

by Pablo Matamoros - 1 March 2008

As any blog we need good quality content. However we don’t have the economic power at this point to pay our contributors in cash. So, we offer the following deal: a free English to Spanish translation of your text or vice versa (a free Spanish to English translation) in exchange for having the right to publish it on our site. It doesn’t matter if your text has already been published, as long it is your own work! We will publish your links or contact details.

Leave a message or contact us at for more details.
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