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CCNA Voice Tutorial – DHCP and the IP Phone Boot Process

by Chris Bryant - 15 October 2009

Just as our switches and routers have certain tests and procedures they run when they boot, so do Cisco IP Phones – but of course, there’s a major difference or two between the Phone and router boot processes!

Here’s the basic boot procedure for a Cisco IP Phone:

As you’d expect, the first step is to physically connect the Phone to a switch port. The Phone can receive its power via Power Over Ethernet (PoE) if the Phone and Switch agree on the PoE method to be used. Originally called “inline power”, PoE allows the power to be sent through the copper cable to the connected device.

Our old friend Cisco Discovery Protocol enters the picture now, as its CDP that tells the Phone what Voice VLAN to use. Be sure CDP is running on the switch port that’s connected to the IP Phone, as it’s commonplace to disable CDP.

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Websites to find IT Jobs in New Zealand

by Pablo Matamoros - 9 June 2009
Job Hunt
Image by Jhayne

Almost a year ago I wrote an article on my experience as an immigrant in New Zealand, in particular as an IT professional. That post has been since its publication among the most popular of CodeSpanish.com.

When I created my website, the design included a forum to discuss this and many other topics. Unfortunately the forum hasn’t been as successful as I expected. As a result a discussion on resources to find jobs in New Zealand has been often overlooked.  To compensate for this, I decided to republish the list under my lists series, and at the same time, updating the original list.

The following is a list of jobs search websites:

  • http://www.immigration.govt.nz: yes, I know. This is not a job search website. Nevertheless, it is the first place you should look to know if you will be allowed to work in New Zealand.
  • http://www.seek.co.nz: by far the most popular job search engine of New Zealand (UK and Australia). It includes a specific section for IT professionals that can be accessed through http://seek.co.nz/it-jobs/. It also provides access to a wealth of online resources and tools to upgrade your skills.
  • http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-me-jobs: trademe is the local equivalent to eBay. This website created a lock-in effect thanks to being the first popular online auction website in New Zealand. Since then, they have added other services to the system, one of them is their job search. Trademe.co.nz is the most visited website after Google.co.nz in New Zealand. Most employers publish their classifieds in trademe and seek.
  • http://myjobspace.co.nz: similar to seek, but not as popular.

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CodeSpanish monthly lists

by Pablo Matamoros -
Web 2.0
Image by Ludwig Gatzke

I always find lists useful. They allow me to have access to resources that others found useful, therefore saving hours of research. So I thought, why not start my own series of lists?

I won’t be able to write as many lists as I would like, as fast as I would like to write them.  I will do it monthly to make sure that they are seriously useful to you.

I will add links to all the lists that I’ll publish on this post for future reference.

CodeSpanish monthly lists: