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Stephen Wolfram: Computing a theory of everything

by TED Talks - 8 June 2010

So I want to talk today about an idea. It’s a big idea. Actually, I think it’ll eventually be seen as probably the single biggest idea that’s emerged in the past century. It’s the idea of computation. Now, of course, that idea has brought us all of the computer technology we have today and so on. But there’s actually a lot more to computation than that. It’s really a very deep, very powerful, very fundamental idea, whose effects we’ve only just begun to see.

Well, I myself have spent the past 30 years of my life working on three large projects that really try to take the idea of computation seriously. So I started off at a young age as a physicist using computers as tools. Then, I started sort of drilling down, thinking about the computations I might want to do, trying to figure out what primitives they could be built up from and how they could be automated as much as possible. Eventually, I created a whole structure based on symbolic programming and so on that let me build Mathematica. And for the past 23 years, at an increasing rate, we’ve been pouring more and more ideas and capabilities and so on into Mathematica, and I’m happy to say that’s led to many good things in R and D and education, lots of other areas. Well, I have to admit, actually, that I also had a very selfish reason for building Mathematica. I wanted to use it myself, a bit like Galileo got to use his telescope 400 years ago. But I wanted to look, not at the astronomical universe, but at the computational universe.

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Negroponte takes OLPC to Colombia

by TED Talks - 16 June 2009

It’s amazing, when you meet a head of state and you say, “What is your most precious natural resource?” — they will not say children at first. And then when you say children, they will pretty quickly agree with you.

(Video): We’re traveling today with the Minister of Defense of Colombia, head of the army and the head of the police, and we’re dropping off 650 laptops today to children who have no television, no telephone and have been in a community cut off from the rest of the world for the past 40 years.

The importance of delivering laptops to this region is connecting kids who have otherwise been unconnected because of the FARC, the guerrillas that started off 40 years ago as a political movement and then became a drug movement. There are one billion children in the world, and 50 percent of them don’t have electricity at home or at school. And in some countries — let me pick Afghanistan — 75 percent of the little girls don’t go to school. And I don’t mean that they drop out of school in the third or fourth grade — they don’t go.

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Websites to find IT Jobs in New Zealand

by Pablo Matamoros - 9 June 2009
Job Hunt
Image by Jhayne

Almost a year ago I wrote an article on my experience as an immigrant in New Zealand, in particular as an IT professional. That post has been since its publication among the most popular of

When I created my website, the design included a forum to discuss this and many other topics. Unfortunately the forum hasn’t been as successful as I expected. As a result a discussion on resources to find jobs in New Zealand has been often overlooked.  To compensate for this, I decided to republish the list under my lists series, and at the same time, updating the original list.

The following is a list of jobs search websites:

  • yes, I know. This is not a job search website. Nevertheless, it is the first place you should look to know if you will be allowed to work in New Zealand.
  • by far the most popular job search engine of New Zealand (UK and Australia). It includes a specific section for IT professionals that can be accessed through It also provides access to a wealth of online resources and tools to upgrade your skills.
  • trademe is the local equivalent to eBay. This website created a lock-in effect thanks to being the first popular online auction website in New Zealand. Since then, they have added other services to the system, one of them is their job search. is the most visited website after in New Zealand. Most employers publish their classifieds in trademe and seek.
  • similar to seek, but not as popular.

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