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Negroponte takes OLPC to Colombia

by TED Talks - 16 June 2009

It’s amazing, when you meet a head of state and you say, “What is your most precious natural resource?” — they will not say children at first. And then when you say children, they will pretty quickly agree with you.

(Video): We’re traveling today with the Minister of Defense of Colombia, head of the army and the head of the police, and we’re dropping off 650 laptops today to children who have no television, no telephone and have been in a community cut off from the rest of the world for the past 40 years.

The importance of delivering laptops to this region is connecting kids who have otherwise been unconnected because of the FARC, the guerrillas that started off 40 years ago as a political movement and then became a drug movement. There are one billion children in the world, and 50 percent of them don’t have electricity at home or at school. And in some countries — let me pick Afghanistan — 75 percent of the little girls don’t go to school. And I don’t mean that they drop out of school in the third or fourth grade — they don’t go.

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CodeSpanish monthly lists

by Pablo Matamoros - 9 June 2009
Web 2.0
Image by Ludwig Gatzke

I always find lists useful. They allow me to have access to resources that others found useful, therefore saving hours of research. So I thought, why not start my own series of lists?

I won’t be able to write as many lists as I would like, as fast as I would like to write them.  I will do it monthly to make sure that they are seriously useful to you.

I will add links to all the lists that I’ll publish on this post for future reference.

CodeSpanish monthly lists:




Richard Baraniuk on open-source learning

by TED Talks - 25 May 2009

I’m Rich Baraniuk. And what I’d like to talk a little bit about today are some ideas that I think have just tremendous resonance with all the things that have been talked about the last two days. In fact, so many different points of resonance that it’s going to be difficult to bring them all up, but I’ll try to do my best.

Does anybody remember these?


OK, so these are LP records and they’ve been replaced, right. They’ve been swept away over the last two decades by these types of world flattening digitization technologies, right. And I think it was best witnessed when Thomas was playing the music as we came in the room today. What’s happened in the music world is there’s a culture or an ecosystem that’s been created that, if you take some words from Apple, the catchphrase that we create, rip, mix and burn. What I mean by that is that anyone in the world is free and allowed to create new music and musical ideas. Anyone in the world is allowed to rip or copy musical ideas, use them in innovative ways. Anyone is allowed to mix them in different types of ways, draw connections between musical ideas and people can burn them or create final products and continue the circle. And what that’s done is it’s created, like I said, a vibrant community that’s very inclusive with people continually working to connect musical ideas, innovate them and keep things constantly up to date, right. Today’s hit single is not last year’s hit single, OK.

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