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Common misconceptions in web application development

by Eran Galperin - 18 August 2008

Python SyntaxOver the time I have developed for the web, I have read and heard many assumptions about development practices and technologies. This is my list of common misconceptions in (web) development:

1. OO code is less performant than procedural code

The number one argument against OO application design from procedural advocates. This argument is based more on intuition than fact. The usual examples pit short procedural code against equivalent OO code in which procedural code comes out triumphant as more terse and performant.

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Real Estate Website – Part 1, Database

by Jorge Oyhenard - 16 June 2008

Apache, PHP and MySQL

Mini PHP and MySQL Course Tutorial

Let’s see step by step, the logic to create a Web Application to manage a Real Estate agency using a hands-on approach and PHP and MySQL.

Since long ago in the forum ( users have wanted to learn PHP, and since it is a language that I like, I decided to write this mini hands-on course that will help them to learn with a practical application. This practical case will be a Real Estate Website.
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AppServ installation

by Jorge Oyhenard - 20 May 2008

Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin

We will see this time how to install AppServ, allowing us to have our PC ready to work with Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin. This will create a platform to develop and test our applications locally, before uploading them to our hosting server.

A while ago we saw how to install IIS (Internet Information Server) in this tutorial:

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