Eduardo Manchón from Panoramio

by Stephanie Falla Aroche - 19 March 2008

Eduardo ManchonThe following article was originally published in Maestros de la Web on February 2008

Spanish born Eduardo Manchón, 31 years old, is Co-founder of the photographic project Panoramio that was acquired by Google in 2007; he is an expert in usability and currently works in Google’s branch in Zurich.

Eduardo Manchón – a person of few words – looks to synthesize his ideas and goes straight to the point. He doesn’t like predictions about how the Internet or technologies will evolve, he simply likes to let them flow. When he is not connected to the Web he likes to play the high saxophone.

Co-founder of Panoramio, Eduardo has a degree in Psychology awarded by the Valencia University and studied two years in the Bergen University in Norway. He has participated in usability in interesting projects like (2001-2003). He then worked until 2006 as an independent consultant:

Simultaneously, I collaborated with the classified community until its sale to eBay in 2005 and in the summer of 2005 Co-I founded Panoramio. Since July 2007, after the acquisition of Panoramio, I’ve worked in Google’s office in Zurich.

The Panoramio project is a Web site where you can exactly position your photos in the place where they were taken. Eduardo talked to us about the future expectations for the project::

At the moment it counts with more than 5 million shared photos and our objective is to illustrate the world with these photographs. Within Google we hope to integrate Panoramio technologically as functionally with other services like it already is with Google Earth.

Among the projects in which Eduardo participates we found:

  • Manchon web site where it is possible to position photographs in exact place where they were taken.
  • is a project where articles related to real cases of information design, web development, multimedia, usability and data representation are published. It discloses theories that allow creating useful references for the development of future projects.
  • blog of the author in where he speaks of usability, panoramio, web development and start-ups.

In Eduardo’s view there are a number of sites that are worthy to visit daily, but he recommends the following: and are my favorite in regards to advice to create your start-up. I also use a lot to search for flights, a tool created by my friend Oscar Frias.

According to Eduardo, there is not one set formula among the key steps that lead to a successful web project but he can mention some:

Agile development with a small team of 2-3 people. To have a clear and simple goal, not to try to create a complex site from the first day. To launch things quickly without discussing them too much so that the public can judge them, going around things too much is not very useful.

The Co-founder of Panoramio comments on the main objectives that base his initiatives on the web:

So far I have worked in communities and the base idea has been that through collaboration very interesting things can be obtained, for example, illustrating the world like in Panoramio.

Eduardo advises to those who want to work on a web project, to release the first beta as soon as possible, in 2 or 3 months, and the alpha version as soon as it can be something visible, in 2 weeks.

Having something online and knowing that is seen by people, although they might be only a few at the beginning, motivates you to continue working and improving; in addition, it makes you advance faster. Strategies of secrecy and expectation work only when you have a big budget for marketing or contacts that can give provide repercussion.

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