CSS Cheat Sheet

by Dave Child - 17 March 2009

CSS Cheat SheetThe CSS cheat sheet is a one-page reference sheet, listing all selectors (as of CSS 2.1) and properties. It includes a visual example of the box model, unit reference for CSS units and the various media types CSS makes allowance for.

This is the second version of the CSS cheat sheet. The previous version can be found at http://www.addedbytes.com/cheat-sheets/css-cheat-sheet-version-1/.


CSS SelectorsSelectors

Given the number of possible selectors in CSS, it is no wonder some people often become confused. Mixing up ID and Class selectors is easy enough, without throwing sibling, child, attribute and language selectors into the mix. This section of the cheat sheet lists selectors and shows which element(s) those selectors would apply to.

CSS Pseudo-selectorsPseudo-Selectors

Pseudo-selectors are used when defining styles for elements that either do not exist, or are in a particular state. This section lists various of the pseudo-selectors.

Please note that I have left the :before and :after pseudo-selectors off this list, as I felt generated content was too complex to add to this sheet and still define in a way that made that area of the sheet usable.

CSS UnitsUnits

CSS allows the author to define dimensions and colours in many different ways, which can be especially useful when combined with media types. This section of the sheet lists the various units in CSS and explains what they mean.

More information on units in CSS.

CSS Box ModelBox Model

The box model is one thing that consistently trips up those new to CSS. Apart from major browsers not all supporting it correctly, its definition can be at first confusing. The box model section of the page aims to make this clearer.

CSS Properties ListProperties List

The CSS specification includes a lot or properties, many of which are often forgotten or overlooked. Many of these are shorthand properties, defining many properties in one go. The outside columns of the cheat sheet list all available CSS properties.

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