Mini PHP and MySQL course

by Pablo Matamoros - 14 May 2008

Apache, PHP and MySQLIn many web design forums I come across with requests for PHP tutorials. Professionals like graphic designers are becoming more and more involved in the programming field due to the popularity of tools like WordPress, Joomla, phpBB and many others. These open source tools are often based on PHP and MySQL and in order to modify the layout of a website it is often not enough to modify the style sheets. It is becoming almost mandatory to have a little knowledge of PHP and MySQL.

Thanks to Jorge Oyhenard from, we are able to publish on our site this excellent mini course on PHP and MySQL. This hands-on course will teach you from scratch how to build a web application, in this case a Real State website. However we need to warn you, the essential controls and a detailed database analysis that are necessary for any real life application haven’t been included.

The course is composed of the following posts to be published weekly:

  1. AppServ installation – PHP, Apache, MySQL: a tool that will leave your computer ready to create dynamic webpages with PHP, Apache and MySQL
  2. MySQL Database with PHP: learn step by step the logic to create a web application using PHP and MySQL.
  3. MySQL Database and phpMyAdmin: how to create a database and its tables
  4. phpMyAdmin data input and edition: how to insert, delete or modify records with phpMyAdmin
  5. PHP MySQL reports: build reports by city using PHP to extract data from the MysQl database
  6. MySQL Relantionships: how to create a properties report and how to link tables with MySQL
  7. Search form: how to create a search form to easily find properties on our database.
  8. Advance search: modifications to our form to give it more functionality
  9. City entry: how to add cities using a form with our Cities table.

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We also would like to know what other topics you want to see covered on our website. Feel free to leave us your ideas or enquiries on our forum.

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