Raúl Arroyo Monzo from PhpBB-es

by Stephanie Falla Aroche - 4 April 2008

Continuing with our series Profiles, we have reproduced the following article originally published in Maestros de la Web on November 2006

Raul Arroyo Monzo is the author of the popular forum phpBB-Es.com and he works on several Web projects. He shares his vision with us about the changes in the Internet and the way in which contents will be published on the Web in the future.

The 32 year old Spanish Web developer and Barcelona resident comments a little on how he started on the Web world at an early age.

My curiosity about computers began at school at only 9 years old because of my bad behavior in one of my other subjects.. My tutor/teacher assigned me a new subject, computer science. In that class we worked with MSX computers (great times!). Instead of being a punishment it was a way to bring attention to and straighten up that little boy. I ended up buying a ZS Spectrum 128K, later on a Commodore Amiga 64 and a few years ago a PC.

Unlike many developers, Raul does not dedicate himself completely to this activity, to earn a living he is involved in other professional activities

For long time I have earned my living working as builder, I don’t dedicate myself completely to the Web world. Maybe someday I will but at the present time I am up on the scaffolding working as a painter and plasterer.

Raul comments a little about the projects that have allowed him to develop in the Web world.

Ordered by reconnaissance, visits and other factors, my present Web sites are these:

Proyectos de Raul Arroyophpbb-es.com: we offer support for phpBB, Spanish translated MODs, groups, and anything related to this free forum system.

thekuka.net: this is the site I appreciate the most, a general chat site, and where everything began, as this was where phpBB was previously supported.

barrieros.com: a forum dedicated to El Barrio, a Spanish singer able to move anyone.

And among his new projects we have:

phpbbhacks.es: a work in progress, I plan that this will have all the MODs, templates, etc. of phpBB in Spanish.

project-minerva.es: Project Minerva Spain has disappeared for a while, but I am working to re-launch it (or to try at least). We are the Official International Support of this CMS system based on phpBB.

I am junior administrator of phpBBXS.eu, another CMS system based on phpBB. I am also head of the translators’ team. And of course, tomatoma.WS as administrator of its forums where I learned almost everything I know of this system.

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