Raúl Arroyo Monzo from PhpBB-es

by Stephanie Falla Aroche - 4 April 2008

Tell us, have you gained any award or recognitions, either by project, creativity or knowledge?

No, so far the awards are the users, their trust in my Web sites and not much else, somebody commented about sending to me a ham, but I haven’t received anything!

We asked Raul to comment on which sites he visits regularly and are of his interest in the Net.

Maestros del Web and its forums are a referent without doubt. (I’m not exaggerating?). A visit daily DaboWeb.com because of its content, security issues, etc… I visit Cristalab.com many times, at least once a week.

Tell us about the situation of the labour market and the demand for Web design and development in your country.

In Spain a Spanish programmer does not earn the same as a Belgian or German. We can say that in many ways Spain wants to be as “creative” as any other country, but the good developers and designers sometimes end up emigrating to other countries to be able to make a living doing what they love.

Is there a new tool or tendency has surprised you recently in the Web world that you would like to comment about?

Nothing has surprised me lately, I believe that perhaps it is very little left that can amaze us, the boom of SMF has been a good competition for phpBB and even winning over it in many aspects

How do you see the situation of your more important project within 5 years?

PhpBB-Es within five years, I continue seeing it as one of the referents of phpBB in Spain and I hope that it will continue being so.

How do you imagine the Internet in 5 years?.

I imagine it more “visual” with less text. The Web will have more video, images and the necessary text to understand or explain what is seen on the video. We all move at a frenetic speed, spare time is becoming more scarce, meaning no time to read for long periods. For that reason I imagine an Internet with more “click and view the video” than the present style of “click to the article to read”, or at least that is what I imagine.

With the arrival of new applications for forums (SMF, vB and IPB among others), opinions have arisen that phpBB was relatively behind with respect to the update of its technology. What could you comment on this matter?

Since a year or year and a half, phpBB has been an “update day in, and day out”. Facing the hundreds of thousands of users who use phpBB is a burden. It is even more so IF you consider that the updating of a version should be for better. Some type of improvement of this system is needed. phpBB has been updating to correct BUGs.

BUGs that haven’t even been announced in its Web, and therefore to its users, no warning that activating HTML in a phpBB forum is synonymous with vulnerability, and the list continues… my frustration was such, that because of this and other issues I decided to cancel my account to the International Support Team (to which I belonged)

There was a point that more than one user commented that phpBB-ES and tomatoma.WS gave more support than the official site. At least, we warned about what happens, why we are vulnerable, and what we can do; that is better than to stay silent. Unfortunately PhpBB, is suspended as you well commented, and SMF is an alternative highly recommende., I only hope that their project managers and developers consider this, and who knows if they will pleasantly surprise us one of these days.

Which would be your message to the developers and designers who are beginning in this Web world?

I do not know if I am the most appropriate person for this, but if I have to give a message, it will be patience, work, and be surrounded by a good team, what better than that.

This interview was made with the support and collaboration of metacortex, moderator of forosdelweb.com.

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