Spanish Localization and Internationalization

I hired CodeSpanish to do a translation of a medical radiology website and they did a fantastic job, they were very detailed and easy to work with. - Harsha Hatti, PETLinQ CEO “I hired CodeSpanish to do a translation of a medical radiology website and they did a fantastic job, they were very detailed and easy to work with.” – Harsha Hatti, PETLinQ CEO

When done professionally, the creation of a multilingual software or website is a complex process made up of two phases: internationalization and localization. While internationalization is done once per product and consists of creating a design that allows special features according to the region or locale, localization is done per locale of the product, usually involving the actual translation of the software, website or content.

Whatever your need, internationalization, localization or a simple content translation, we can help you. We have experience modifying HTML, XML files, and any sort of source code and databases. We can also help your programmers choose the best strategy to internationalize your code.

We specialize in English to Spanish translations (of course we also do Spanish to English). All our translations are done by native speakers.

Search Engine Optimization in Spanish

Translating your website into Spanish is not enough to position it at the top of search engines in Spanish. Keywords that work fine in English may not provide the same results in their Spanish equivalent. Your Google Ads may not perform as expected. Or it may be that the Hispanic public is not interested in your product.

In summary, no matter the language you are using to promote your product, you are likely to start your SEO campaign from scratch. We can also take care of your Spanish SEO campaign.

Web development

We love the internet and all its buzz words.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Almost any functionality that you want in your website has been developed by somebody and it is free to use. That’s what in the jargon is called Open Source.

Open Source applications based on PHP and MySQL are our speciality: WordPress, Vanilla, Joomla, OsCommerce, etc. We also know inside out tools from Google, Amazon, eBay and many more. And if we can’t find a free and suitable product to adapt to your needs, we code it for you.

In addition to our coding skills, and in collaboration with the best graphic designers from Latin America, we can provide you eye-catching scalable and easy to use websites.

ICT consultancy – Offshoring in Latin America

Offshoring is a hot and controversial topic. Not every company is prepared or has the skills to manage a project with overseas professionals. However, offshoring is often the only solution when the necessary talent is hard to find in your region or low costs are a priority.

Our extended network of professional contacts in Latin America can help you solve almost any technological problem at a low cost. From enterprise applications to industrial automation and embedded development, anything is possible with the right team.

We can contact you with the right professionals or manage projects in a wide variety of fields, including:

  • C and C++
  • PHP
  • .NET
  • JEE (Java , JSP)
  • SAP
  • PLC and SCADA programming

Please feel free to Contact Us for any enquires you might have.