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by Marta B. Carrillo de Matamoros - 14 October 2008
Photo taken by Pablo Flores
Click on the picture to understand its context.

The original text is being translated. In the meanwhile, please read this abstract of an article published by Pablo Flores (the author of the photograph).

I hope nobody takes offence at this picture. I didn’t look for it, but this kind of shot passes before me every day, and denying it exists doesn’t make it any less painful.

If you’re reading this version, then you’re probably not an Argentinian and/or didn’t understand the above, so here’s some context. The boy (a teenager, it seems) is riding a cart pulled by a horse that is used to collect trash for their own use or for selling. It may be cardboard, which can be sold for recycling. It may be discarded food that can still be consumed. It can be junk of some sort. The boy’s complexion is dark; he’s probably the child or grandchild of an aboriginal family that might have migrated into the city, from their lands impoverished by economic and environmental exploitation, in the 1990s or in the 1960s. He seems indifferent. His face is rather dirty. He’s smoking.