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Cisco CCNP ISCW Certification Exam Tutorial – The Key Difference Between IPS And IDS

by Chris Bryant - 4 August 2008

When it comes to your Cisco CCNP certification exams, success is in the details, and that’s particularly true of your ISCW exam.

You’re going to need to know all the vital details of configuring and troubleshooting Cisco’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), both from the command line and via Security Device Manager (SDM).

We first need to draw a clear line between the operation of the Intrusion Prevention System and the Intrusion Detection System (IDS). Those terms sound similar, but they’re quite different in operation.

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Cisco CCNA Home Lab Study – The DTE & DCE Cable

by Chris Bryant - 10 March 2008

Cisco RoutersMore Cisco CCNA, CCENT, and CCNP candidates than ever before are putting together their own home labs for their certification exam study, and that’s a great trend – there’s nothing like learning on the real thing!

Part of putting a home lab together is getting the right cables and understanding their usage. In this new Cisco home lab series, we’ll take a look at the different cable types and how each fits into your home lab. The first cable type we’ll look at is the multi-purpose DTE/DCE cable.

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