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Speaking your Audience’s Language – Localisation in the World Wide Web. Awareness Survey

by Pablo Matamoros - 21 January 2009
Illustration by Markus Koljonen

Most people, including technology professionals, don’t know the meaning of the terms internationalisation and localisation. How many people know what a localisation specialist does? How many organisations localise their products?

According to LISA (the Localization Industry Standards Association), “localization is the process of modifying products or services to account for differences in distinct markets” while “internationalization is the process of enabling a product at technical level for localization”. In other words, internationalisation involves the creation of a design that makes it easy to adapt a product for different regions or ethnicities (called locales), while localization is the adaptation itself. Internationalisation is done once per product, localisation is done for each locale of the product.

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