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Interview with Ricardo Galli on Menéame

by Eduardo Manchón - 29 July 2008
Ricardo Galli
Ricardo Galli by Benjamí Villoslada Gil

Continuing with our series Profiles, we have reproduced the following article originally published in on November 2007

Ricardo Galli quite openly tells us the most intimate details of Menéame; how much they earn monthly with Adsense, server costs, purchase offers, internal architecture, keys to success, problems, Varsavsky…

It is not very often that somebody explains so much about their own project. A brief summary and interview follows:

  • Menéame runs on a single server, in spite of having 65 million pages viewed according to Webalizer y and 1922 position in Alexa..
  • Menéame generates 4,000 dollars monthly in Adsense revenue
  • The current expense in servers is 500 euros
  • Ricardo Galli prefers Adsense to any other advertising proposal
  • He believes that it’s success is due to the fact that the software was developed by them from 0 and published as open source.
  • They accepted Varsasky as an investor to cover costs and to feel more secure (sues, legal issues, etc.)
  • There are only two developers: Ricardo Galli and Benjamí Villoslada
  • Initially Varsasky had a 10% share? of the company and now it has 33%
  • They have received offers for the whole of Meneame of more than 6 million euros.

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