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Building a forum in PHP and Mysql

by Pablo Rigazzi - 22 April 2008

Php logoNote1: This article was first published in June of 2003 by “Maestros del Web“. The functions used in the code might need changes for newer versions of PHP and MySQL. We will be happy to receive any comments on this matter.

Note 2: Although the content of this post has been translated to English, the original PHP code is in Spanish.

In this tutorial we will create a forum from scratch by learning to separate code from design and modularising our application so that it is simple to setup and adapt

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Standard System Structure

by Tim Bryce - 10 March 2008

Business Analysis

An information system is a product that can be engineered and manufactured like any other product.

There has been a lot of discussion in I.T. circles the last couple of years regarding system architecture, yet there appears to be general confusion over the inherent properties of an information system. To some, a system is nothing more than a collection or suite of programs. Computer hardware manufacturers tend to believe it is either a collection of physical components or the operating system itself. Data Base people think it is nothing more than the interfaces to the DBMS. These are all rather myopic points of view and a source of confusion to a lot of people in the industry, not just now but over the last four decades as well. And if I.T. people are confused, imagine the effect on the end-users who must work with the systems they produce. Fortunately, there is a rather simple and proven solution to all of this; something that was first introduced 37 years ago. Let me explain.

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