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Evan Williams on listening to Twitter users

by TED Talks - 29 July 2009

Four years ago, on the TED stage, I announced a company I was working with at the time called Odeo. And because of that announcement, we got a big article in the New York Times, which led to more press, which led to more attention, and me deciding to become CEO of that company — whereas I was just an adviser — and raising a round of venture capital and ramping up hiring.

One of the guys I hired was an engineer named Jack Dorsey, and a year later we were trying to decide which way to go with Odeo, and Jack presented an idea he’d been tinkering around with for a number of years that was based around sending simple status updates to friends. We were also playing with SMS at the time at Odeo, so we kind of put two and two together, and in early 2006 we launched Twitter as a side project at Odeo.

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Negroponte takes OLPC to Colombia

by TED Talks - 16 June 2009

It’s amazing, when you meet a head of state and you say, “What is your most precious natural resource?” — they will not say children at first. And then when you say children, they will pretty quickly agree with you.

(Video): We’re traveling today with the Minister of Defense of Colombia, head of the army and the head of the police, and we’re dropping off 650 laptops today to children who have no television, no telephone and have been in a community cut off from the rest of the world for the past 40 years.

The importance of delivering laptops to this region is connecting kids who have otherwise been unconnected because of the FARC, the guerrillas that started off 40 years ago as a political movement and then became a drug movement. There are one billion children in the world, and 50 percent of them don’t have electricity at home or at school. And in some countries — let me pick Afghanistan — 75 percent of the little girls don’t go to school. And I don’t mean that they drop out of school in the third or fourth grade — they don’t go.

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TED’s Open Translation Project brings subtitles in 400+ languages to

by TED Talks - 14 May 2009

Ted TalksNEW YORK, May 13, 2009 – The acclaimed 18-minute talks available free on the TED website will now be accessible beyond the English-speaking world, through the TED Open Translation Project (, which launches today, generously sponsored by Nokia.

A year in the making, the project offers video subtitles, time-coded transcripts and the ability for volunteers worldwide to translate any talk into any language. The project launches with 300 translations in 40 languages; more than 200 volunteer translators have already contributed.

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