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Evan Williams on listening to Twitter users

by TED Talks - 29 July 2009

Four years ago, on the TED stage, I announced a company I was working with at the time called Odeo. And because of that announcement, we got a big article in the New York Times, which led to more press, which led to more attention, and me deciding to become CEO of that company — whereas I was just an adviser — and raising a round of venture capital and ramping up hiring.

One of the guys I hired was an engineer named Jack Dorsey, and a year later we were trying to decide which way to go with Odeo, and Jack presented an idea he’d been tinkering around with for a number of years that was based around sending simple status updates to friends. We were also playing with SMS at the time at Odeo, so we kind of put two and two together, and in early 2006 we launched Twitter as a side project at Odeo.

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Common misconceptions in web application development

by Eran Galperin - 18 August 2008

Python SyntaxOver the time I have developed for the web, I have read and heard many assumptions about development practices and technologies. This is my list of common misconceptions in (web) development:

1. OO code is less performant than procedural code

The number one argument against OO application design from procedural advocates. This argument is based more on intuition than fact. The usual examples pit short procedural code against equivalent OO code in which procedural code comes out triumphant as more terse and performant.

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Building a forum in PHP and Mysql

by Pablo Rigazzi - 22 April 2008

Php logoNote1: This article was first published in June of 2003 by “Maestros del Web“. The functions used in the code might need changes for newer versions of PHP and MySQL. We will be happy to receive any comments on this matter.

Note 2: Although the content of this post has been translated to English, the original PHP code is in Spanish.

In this tutorial we will create a forum from scratch by learning to separate code from design and modularising our application so that it is simple to setup and adapt

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