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Japan: ‘Yoshiharu Habu and Modern Shogi’, an Open Translation Project

by Tomomi Sasaki - 18 May 2009
Photo by Jeremy Mates

A volunteer translation project sprang up and translated all of Mochio Umeda’s book “Watching Shogi from Silicon Valley – Habu Yoshiharu and Modern Times” (シリコンバレーから将棋を観る-羽生善治と現代) into English in under a week.

Yoshiharu Habu is a highly-respected professional shogi (also known as Japanese chess) player. Easily the most recognizable figure in all things shogi, he is regarded by some as the ultimate strategist of our time. Mochio Umeda is a Silicon Valley-based VC, whom Asiajin calls Japan’s leading web visionary. He is the author of the bestselling book ‘Web Shinkaron’ (Theory of Web Evolution), covered by GV here in 2007.

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